• Water Conditioning Sales & Installation

    Here at The Tarbek Company, we offer a variety of water conditioning options for customers on city water that fit your needs. Offering Made in USA line of products. Our systems are custom built in St. Louis Park to the specifications of your home for optimal efficiency. Sizing units correctly is the key to not wasting water and energy. We also have compact water softener one piece cabinet units available.


    • To quote the proper unit we ask the number of people in your home, number of bathrooms & bedrooms. Also we check your city's average hardness level so we know you are getting the right product.
    • RS Series. 5 year warranty on control valve, 10 year warranty on pressure vessel/resin tank.
    • Highest backwash flow rate in the industry which provides for more effective expansion of the bed so that the resin may regenerate more completely and reduce channeling which prevents premature fouling out of softener resin.
    • Uses soft water to fill the brine tank instead of hard water which helps prevent salt from compacting together.
    • Brine tank includes an elevated grid which keeps the salt off the bottom of the tank to create a clean reservoir. No need to be breaking up salt bridges with a stick.
    • Highest quality residential resin is used for maximum life.

    Pentair FreshPoint Filtration Systems Point-of-Use

    • One, two and three stage systems available for different water conditions and needs
    • Effortless click in cartridge change-outs
    • Bottled quality water right from the tap
    • Targeted impurities include: Lead, Cyst, Chlorine taste and odor, VOC, Sediment 


    The RF Series Carbon Filter. Specifically designed to remove odor and deliver clean, fresh, chlorine free water throughout your home. It also reduces chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and trihalomethanes.

    The electronic computer control automatically backwashes clean the carbon of accumulated contaminants so no need to be changing filters every few months.


    The Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Advantage

    This highly activated and super clean version of carbon has the ability to provide filtration as well as the removal of chemicals such as chlorine from the water supply. Also great reductions in turbidity, color, taste, and odors can easily be achieved. Coconut carbon has also been effective in the removal and reduction of herbicides, pesticides and the effects of acid rain. Coconut shell carbon can work in a wide range of pH conditions and in conjunction with other treatment equipment.

    Pentair Big Blue Whole System Sediment Filters

    • High flow rate design to reduce pressure loss
    • Large housing for greater cartridge capacity for less filter change outs
    • Reduces sediment 
    • Change outs average 6-12 months depending on your water usage and application


    The RF Series Iron filter. Reduces iron and manganese without the use of chemicals. Automatically backwashes the accumulated iron out every two days. Helps extend the life of your plumbing and appliances

    Water softener ready for city inspection

    Combo Carbon/Softener System

    High flow sediment filter and carbon filter combo installed

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