• Finishing Basement Bathrooms

    With over 25 years of professional experience I have done many, averaging about 30 a year.


    Below are actual images from our jobs and not borrowed images off the internet.

  • Newer home partial rough-ins

    If you have a newer home more likely the builder provided a partial drain rough-in for a basement bath. Most of the time this layout is fine for the toilet and vanity but sometimes customers want to change a bathtub rough-in for a shower or vice versa and can be done with a little concrete removal.

  • Older homes with no plumbing

    With most older homes no provisions were made for a basement bathroom and it may seem impossible to add one but this is not the case. Even though its more involved it can be done and will start with the removal of the concrete floor which is either done by homeowner or their concrete contractor.

    After the concrete is removed and the excavation is done then the underground waste piping can be installed, tested and inspected by the city or state. After the inspection, piping is covered and the floor poured back. We provide options to help you save money one in which is doing your own excavation and back fill.

  • Above Slab finish rough-in

    After the framing...

    After you get your framing work done we come in and get to work installing the drain outlets, water lines, insulating the new hot water piping per energy code, setting your bathtub or shower (we set all our shower bases and tubs in a bed of mortar for leveling and a solid base to prevent future cracking). All pex plastic water piping is supported and bracketing used for stub outs (no loose pipes hanging out of the wall). The second city inspection is now ready.

  • Tiled Showers

    If a tiled shower is what you are going for a shower pan liner receiving drain will be installed. I work with an independent tiling contractor that can give you a bid on your shower pan liner and tiling or if you are comfortable you can do it yourself. All shower pan liners must be flood tested and witnessed by city inspector.

  • The Finish

    After all the tiling, dry walling, painting and trim work is done we are usually the last ones back to install the fixtures. After fixtures are installed and caulked according to code the final city/state inspection can be done and your project signed off.

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